Najeeb Hassan

Najeeb Hassan

QA Engineer & 3D Artist

Welcome to my Website! I am a QA Tester/Game Designer that predominantly worked in the games industry.

I am a Games industry Professional of 4 years where my Professional Portfolio includes working on Triple-A titles such as "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" and "Sackboy: A Big Adventure", as well as indie titles such as "Sword of the Necromancer" and "Dwerve".

I am also the Founder & 3D Artist/Game designer for Jeeby Digital Media.

I hope you enjoy your time visiting my portfolio page. Feel free to contact me, and as always, my site is always being updated with new personal projects.

Najeeb Hassan

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Work Experience

  • 3D Animator/3D Artist & Game Designer |at| Jeeby Digital Media
    March 2020 - Present

    Jeeby Digital Media is a platform for bringing ideas to life, which is the essence of the company slogan "Where fantasy becomes reality".

    I am a 3D artist, doing freelance working under the Jeeby Digital Media banner. I produce work in 3D modelling and animation, with interests in Character Art.

    Here I also have been working as a tester, mostly focusing on game development for various games.

    Some of the games I have contributed to include:
    • Way of the Wrath (By Animmal) - In Progress
    • Dwerve (By Half-Human Games) - Credited
    • Sword of the Necromancer (By Grimorio of Games) - Credited
    • Sackboy: A Big Adventure (By Sony Interactive Entertainment/Sumo Digital) - Credited

  • Junior QA Tester |at| Rocksteady Studios
    April 2021- July 2023

    Rocksteady Studios is a Video Game Studio known for their work on the Batman Arkham games. Here I am working as A Junior QA Tester on their upcoming game "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League".

  • Guest Monster Designer |at| Grimorio of Games
    April 2020 - January 2021

    Sword of the Necromancer is a dungeon crawler 2D action RPG with rouge-like elements, developed by Grimorio of Games and produced/published by JanduSoft Games.

    As a Guest Monster Designer, I am working with the developers to produce a couple of monsters to appear in the game.

    I am also involved in the game as a "Lost Diary Writer". This involves writing some background lore for the game, in the form of a journal entry, which are collectables in the game that forms the in-game diary.

  • WWS QA Functional Tester |at| Sony Interactive Entertainment
    August 2019 - December

    Functional Testing for an upcoming PlayStation project, through following and creating Test Cases, Test Scenarios, liaising with various teams and conforming to testing standards and client requirements. Quality Assurance is ensured by also using tools such as Unreal and JIRA to check for and track bugs.

  • Mentor |at| Coursera
    May 2018 - June 2020

    My mentoring responsibilities include:
    • Answer learner questions in the discussion forums
    • Post new threads to spark discussion
    • Provide feedback to Coursera staff
    • Help course students with any issues with the course material

    Currently mentoring the following course(s) :
    • Introduction To Game Development
    • Social Psychology

  • Testing & Automation Developer |at| Tata Consultancy Services
    December 2018 - August 2019

    Here I am working under the TCS Graduate program as an Assistant Systems Engineer Trainee, focusing on being a Testing and Automation Developer for Lloyd's Bank. In my role, I am writing various scripts for Automation Testing, as well as doing API Development. Here, the technology I used includes Java, Selenium, VBScript, UFT, Mainframe, Datastage, Postman, Rest.API as well as writing Test Cases and Test Scenarios. All work done here is done in an Agile environment.

  • Software Developer |at| Capita
    January 2018 - July 2018

    I have previously done some internal training through Capita for 6 months, cover skills such as behavioural skills, data analysis, systems design, database design, programming, software development, testing, and systems integration.

    • I have developed skills predominantly in Java, as well as using various Database technologies such as MongoDB and Microsoft SQL Server.
    • Undertaken Software Testing Workshops, learnt Quality Assurance (QA) testing skills, analysed problems in potential software ideas, and tested a software to understand the software testing lifecycle.
    • Did internal projects with Capita working on the following:
    o Producing a Web application using Java, SQL using Oracle, and web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5 for storing information of potential new graduates for the graduate scheme, working in an agile team using Scrum.
    o Producing an Android application that is a game that detects mobile swipes within a specified time period.
    o Worked on improving a Database Application in Java that displayed movie information from the database and ensuring all information is displayed properly.


  • University of Manchester - Masters of Science: Advanced Computer Science [Merit]
    September 2016 - September 2017

    Thesis Title: "Website Accessibility Filtering for Users with Autism"

    Modules Completed:
    • Cryptography
    • Cyber Security
    • Data Engineering
    • IT Governance
    • Principles of Digital Biology
    • Introduction to Health Informatics
    • Masters Project

  • University of Bolton - Bachelor of Science (Honours): Computing and Website Development [2.1]
    September 2013 - July 2016

    After completion of my first two years, I have also recieved a Higher National Diploma.

    Thesis Title: "The Usage Of 3D Graphical Technologies As A Teaching Tool To Enhance The User Learning Experience On The Web"

    Modules Completed:

    Year 1:
    • Introduction to Programming
    • Scholarship (Core Skills)
    • Network Fundamentals
    • Website Production
    • Information Systems and Databases
    • Computer Platforms

    Year 2:
    • Web Programming
    • Database Theory & Practice
    • UNIX
    • Level 2 Project
    • Mobile Applications Design
    • Internet Applications & Server Systems

    Year 3:
    • Professional Issues in Computing
    • Major Project
    • Web Application Project Management
    • Facilitating E-commerce
    • Web Application and Systems Project Development

  • John Leggott College - Level 3 Qualifications
    September 2011- July 2013

    Here I Studied at Sixth Form for 2 years to study A-Level Equivalent qualifications.

    Here is what I achieved:
    • BTEC 90 Credit Diploma: IT [Distinction, Distinction]
    • BTEC National Certificate: Engineering [Distinction]
    • BTEC Award: Work Skills Plus [Pass]

Mars Marine

Mars Marine Game Screenshot

Core Software Used: Unreal Engine 4
Language Used: Blueprints
More info...

Cystal Cavern

Crsytal Cavern Game Screenshot

Core Software Used: Unreal Engine 4
Language Used: Blueprints
More info...

Sparty Platformer

Sparty Game Screenshot

Core Software Used: Unity, Visual Studio
Language Used: C#
More info...

Cube Platformer

Cube Platformer Screenshot

Core Software Used: Unity, Visual Studio
Language Used: C#
More info...

Skull Towers Defence

Skull Towers Screenshot

Core Software Used: Unity, Visual Studio
Language Used: C#
More info...

Roller Madness

Roller Madness Screenshot

Core Software Used: Unity
Language Used: C#
More info...

Genetic Algorithms: Camoflage Training

Genetic Algorithms

Core Software Used: Unity
Language Used: C#
More info...

Image Classifier

Image Classifier Project

Core Software Used: Spyder, Jupyter Notebook
Language Used: Python
More info...

Bulls and Cows: Isogram Game

Bulls and Cows

Core Software Used: Visual Studio
Language Used: C++
More info...

HTML5 Lottery Game

Lottery Game

Core Software Used: Dreamweaver
Language Used: JavaScript, HTML5
More info...

Tic Tac Toe AI

Tic Tac Toe AI

Core Software Used: Visual Studio Code
Language Used: JavaScript, HTML5
More info...

Core Software Used: Visual Studio Code
Language Used: JavaScript, HTML5
More info...

Slot Machines


Core Software Used: Visual Studio Code
Language Used: JavaScript, HTML5, PixiJS
More info...

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